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Helping men and women navigate life with meaning and confidence

Have you ever felt like you were in a fog of anxiety, discouragement or conflict and didn’t know how to find your way?  Therapy can be like the sun, parting the clouds and bringing confidence and clarity to life.  Let me help you find that clarity and navigate to a happier, emotionally healthier you, using evidence-based approaches and cutting-edge therapies with proven results.

Lynn Viehweger, MACSMAC. CCC
  • Registered Provisional Psychologist

  • Certified EMDR Therapist

  • Life Coach

Individual Counselling

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, loss, grief or trauma, I have years of experience and advanced training in Eye Movement & Desensitization & Reprocess Therapy (EMDR) a very effective evidenced based treatment for many things including trauma.    


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is an evidence-based therapy used to help people overcome difficult experiences. EMDR utilizes eye movement, bilateral sound, or tactile stimulation to reprocess and reduce the negative effects of a traumatic event. This therapy can help you reduce anxiety, manage stress, and gain a better understanding of your emotions. EMDR is used to treat PTSD, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and emotional distress among other conditions. 

Relationship Therapy

Are you finding real connection and intimacy difficult?  This is your opportunity to cultivate a deeper, meaningful connection to the people in your life who are important to you.  You can come alone or with a partner.  My approach is rooted in Gottman's Method, a research based approach that emphasizes strengthening friendship, intimacy and conflict management skills.   

Coaching for Effectiveness in

Life & Work

Do you deal with stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and self-criticism?  Would you like to reinvent your life and find balance, and live in line with your values?   We will explore what is holding you back and why and remove the hold that negative self-talk and past trauma has on you.  You will develop coping skills and be equipped with tools to manage work-life balance, set boundaries, navigate conflict, and make better decisions.  

Emotion Coaching

Emotional intelligence is the best predictor of success in work, in life and in relationships.  It is essential for healthy parenting.  I offer individual and group therapy in this area.


Individual, Couples & Group Therapy


  • Emotion Coaching - the Workshop
    Emotion Coaching - the Workshop
    Time is TBA
    Calgary, AB
    Time is TBA
    Calgary, AB
    Learn how to coach the children in your life to emotional health and emotional intelligence.
  • Care for Caregivers
    Care for Caregivers
    Time is TBA
    Calgary, AB
    Time is TBA
    Calgary, AB
    This is a 6-week group program that teaches skills, self care and gives support to those caring for others.
Contact Lynn

Send me a message and I will respond by phone or email within 48 hours.  Please let me know if discretion is needed when I return your call and what time is best to reach you.

We will be in touch shortly!


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