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Counselling &


When life gets confusing and we aren't functioning well, we sometimes need help to understand the issues and chart our way to a solution.  I will help you find clarity and navigate to a better place in life using evidence-based approaches and some cutting-edge therapies with proven results. 

Lynn Viehweger, MA. CCC
  • Counselling Psychotherapist

  • Life Coach

Individual Counselling

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, loss, grief or trauma, I have years of experience and advanced training in Eye Movement & Desensitization & Reprocess Therapy (EMDR) a very effective evidenced based treatment for many things including trauma.    Contact me to make an appointment.   

Relationship Therapy

Come with your significant other, but even if they don't want to come, there is much you can change by changing yourself. My approach is rooted in Gottman's Method.  

Remote Counselling

If you live outside the Calgary area, or have mobility or confidentiality concerns, I also do counselling by Skype, Zoom or phone.  During physical distancing due to COVID-19, this is the only method of counselling I am offering.

Coaching for Effectiveness in

Life & Work

I apply counselling principles to effectiveness in work and life and draw from the over 25 years I've spent in business consulting.

Emotion Coaching

Emotional intelligence is the best predictor of success in work, in life and in relationships.  It is essential for healthy parenting.  I offer individual and group therapy in this area.


Individual, Couples & Group Therapy


Contact Lynn

Send me a message and I will respond by phone or email within 48 hours.  Please let me know if discretion is needed when I return your call and what time is best to reach you.

We will be in touch shortly!


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